Best drone photos ever: Stunning images taken from the Drones

Best drone photos ever: Stunning images taken from the Drones

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Drone fans

A crowd of onlookers watch as a pilot lifts his drone off skyward. The drone looks back at them and marvellously captures their admiring gazes.

People in the clock tower

Another view which makes us wonder what’s going on as two people stand at the top of a clock tower, arms held aloft like they’re surrendering to the drone. Perhaps it’s armed with more than just a camera?

A fiery view

With enough battery power, drones can fly for some distance – which makes them perfect for safely capturing dangerous views like this one. Molten lava and raging landscape burns below as this drone flies overhead snapping the scene.

Herding sheep

We wonder if drones are good for herding sheep? They certainly work well for keeping an eye on them if nothing else.

Wintery Wonderland

Winter is coming or rather, it has already come. Snow dominates the landscape and many of the trees have already shed their leaves, yet a solitary bunch stand holding the frost back.

Cutting a path in the snow

A fantastic view of a loan snowboarder cuts a path through the snowy mountainside. A perfectly timed shot too.

A busy pool

An aerial view of a large swimming pool shows a mass of swimmers frolicking around in the waters below. Pablo Bayona took this image while at a competition in Cúcuta, Colombia. In submitting the image to Dronestagram he said: “Instead of taking the same photo as always, it occurred to me to fly my drone to try to achieve something different…”

A popular sandy spot

Another classic image of a beach submitted to Dronestagram by Karolis Janulis. It shows packed deck chairs and sun umbrellas at Playa de Amadores beach in the Gran Canaria.

Camels on tour

While on honeymoon in Cable Beach, Australia, Todd Kennedy took this snap of the sandy beaches below with his drone. The image shows the photographer and his new wife on a camel tour, casting brilliant shadows across the sand.

Above the clouds

A fantastic view of the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi in Italy. This image was taken by Francesco Cattuto and shows a cloudy view of the area that’s enough to take your breath away.

The valley below

The landscape tells of a harsh surrounding climate, but this drone’s eye view shows waters in the valley below. Certainly a new perspective on the surroundings.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna

This image was taken using a DJI Phantom 3 and shows an aerial view of the streets of Austria with St. Stephen’s Cathedral looming in the foreground.

A vibrant forest

Drone photography master Micheal L B. Rasmussen took this image while on a walk in the woods. A brilliantly vibrant and colourful view of the forest below.

A colourful sunset

It makes perfect sense to use drones to snap amazing sunsets. You certainly get a better view of the horizon when you’re way up in the sky. This photo is a perfect example with the colours of the falling sun casting brilliant hues across the clouds.

Beauty in the coastlines

Island coastlines are a strong favourite with drone photographers and with snaps like this, it’s easy to see why.

A sun-drenched forest

Another drone photo featuring copious amounts of trees. This sunshine drenched area makes for a brilliant aerial snap.

Landing not recommended

This aerial snap shows a magnificent building with its own landing pad. We’d assume that attempting to land a drone on it would be a bad idea though. Nonetheless, the view from above is something special.

It’s foggy below

You’d often only see images like this from the window of an aeroplane. Whether it’s low cloud cover or thick fog, the ground below is shrouded in mist. Skyscrapers and spires jut out from below.

Central Park in the winter

New York City certainly sees some regular snowfall. The city’s park looks incredible from this angle – even more so when sprinkled in wintery snow.

A bird’s eye view of Lombard Street, San Francisco

Most people will be able to identify this as the famous Lombard Street – reportedly “the crookedest street in the world”. This windy road is certainly iconic and this drone photo is equally fantastic.

Tatahatso Point

This brilliant image shows Tatahatso Point at the Grand Canyon. A popular photography spot, but not often seen from the sky.

Novo Mesto, Slovenia

This incredible sight is seen in the town of Novo Mesto, near the border of Croatia. A lush green landscape, winding river and close-knit community can be easily seen from the sky.


This isn’t just a small jetty into beautiful waters. It’s also an aerial view of a lighthouse on the coast of Yalta. The waters are actually the Black Sea. This impressively high photo makes the lighthouse appear tiny too. Which is no mean feat.

Stylish symmetry

This simple photo wasn’t snapped as high in the sky as some of the others on our list, but that’s doesn’t make it great. The view of rows and rows of vines stretching off as far as the eye can see look fantastic. Even more so with the brilliant symmetry.

A lonesome home

In the dusty plains, a lonely house sits surrounded by nothing but dust, brush and the occasional tree. The buildings casting magnificent shadows across the land.

Where we’re going we don’t need roads

Roads, roads, so many roads. But who needs roads when you can fly? Certainly not this drone.

A lion’s eye view

The king of the jungle is also perfect fodder for a fantastic aerial snap. This brilliant image shows a lion disturbed by the sounds of the drone, but not put out by its presence. Not often you get to safely view a wild animal in this manner unless you happen to be hiding in a nearby tree.